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How much time, energy and effort are you willing to invest in what you want to do?
Robert Lawson

Dr. Lawson is a scholar with tremendous expertise in the field of human potential development. A prolific writer and highly sought-after motivational speaker, he has authored over a dozen books on topics ranging from overcoming fear to capturing the triumph of the human spirit.

When he is not teaching or lecturing, he is giving empowerment presentations around the globe, including his most requested keynote address, “Destined for Greatness.” In the video above, he recites his “Be A Trailblazer” poem at the 2019 BLISS (Business Leaders & Inspirational Speakers Series) Conference. It is one of 100 poems found in his recent book, Beyond Greatness: You Can Surpass Yourself.

When you doubt that you have what it takes to succeed, And fear tries to keep you in jail; Acknowledge the martyrs who laid down their lives, And remember, they first had to fail. -Beyond Greatness: You Can Surpass Yourself
Robert Lawson

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Dr. Robert L Lawson

Destined for Greatness

Belief is the foundational key to all success. Learn to accept yourself as you are and harness the skills, abilities and potential within yourself that have not yet been cultivated.

Beyond Greatness

The greatest collection of vibrational, inspirational, motivational and spiritual poems ever written

The Triumph of the Spirit​

Perhaps, you have not yet reached the point where you are following your purpose or passion in life. No matter where you are, it’s time to plant within you the desire to discover new truths...​

Greatness Awaits

Discover a roadmap that shows how to achieve what so many others find so elusive by experiencing the poems, quotes and case studies in these pages.

The Power of Optimism

Bringing encouragement to people around the world, Dr. Robert Lawson focuses on the full development of human potential for those stuck in a rut along life's pathway.

Ageless Wisdom

Occasionally, people encounter days where life spins out of control. With AIMS (Achievement, Inspiration, Motivation and Spirituality) and a bonus section on wisdom...​

Dare To Be A Millionaire

Given the current state of our economy, it's no wonder Dare to Be A Millionaire is capturing the attention of thousands around the world. A bold and fresh approach to the acquisition of wealth...​

Dare To Be A Millionaire Workbook

This powerful workbook contains key insights from readers and attendees of Dr. Lawson’s presentations, showing how this approach has changed lives. ​

The Gamer

Lawson adds to his Dare To Be A Millionaire legacy with The Gamer. It isone of the most powerful, action-igniting books, showing how to restructure thought patterns and embrace...​

Piggy Bank Basics

In our society, thousands of young people have the responsibility of working to support their families because a parent isn’t providing adequate support.​

In Addition

Dr. Robert L Lawson

Oh Yes, We Can! Black Achievement in America

Black Achievement in America with Gene Murphy. This publication contains 1600 questions and answers on the African American experience.

Dreamers and Doers(co-authored with Holli Pellman)

If you need motivation to develop a sense of empowerment, this book will help focus on the goals that will take you closer to your dreams every single day.

The Power of Money

What Every Teenager and Young Adult Need To Know About Money (co-authored with Chad McKibben) –Dr. Robert Lawson gives back to his community by empowering our children with his wisdom and experience.