Life Lessons

As you navigate life’s journey,
There’ll be boulders; there’ll be rocks;
There’ll be glass with jagged edges,
There’ll be jams and untold shocks.
Even though you’ll feel the fire,
As it seeks to singe your skin;
Understand the guts it takes,
To fight the wills against your win.
Some things are hard to understand,
For even though you try;
You’ll always be confronted with,
A bold-faced dirty lie.
How you respond is paramount,
The key to victory;
Ere it happens once to you,
Or twice and thrice to me.
In the end you learn the truth,
That life is just unfair;
But in the throes of agony,
You stand and face the dare!
(c) copyright 2020. Dr. Robert L. Lawson

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