Success is a Jealous Mistress

Success is a Jealous Mistress

She watches when you struggle,
She knows your every move;
She understands your nature,
And those things you want to prove.

If you desire to capture,
The best she has to give;
Modify your actions,
And change the way you live.

Cultivate your daring plan,
Try something new today;
When things don’t work the way you want,
Then try another way.

Success requires patience,
True diligence a must;
Your intent to get it right,
Is what you learn to trust.

Success is a jealous mistress,
She doesn’t like to share;
She wants you to invest in her,
And show how much you care.

Whether you’re an artist,
An athlete or a coach;
Your excellence is depicted,
In those things you treasure most.

Success remains elusive,
Her spirit high and free;
If you demonstrate endurance,
She can be your destiny.

So be quite bold and daring,
Give this chase your best;
Nothing’s more alluring,
Than the smell of sweet success.

(c) copyright 2020 Dr. Robert L. Lawson

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