Many of us are motivated by fear. Action cures fear.
Robert Lawson

Dr. Lawson is an outstanding motivational speaker who mixes humor and wit in presenting topics that leave his audience spellbound. Inspiring hundreds and thousands across the globe, he encourages students and professionals to take action and move forward in formulating their next steps.

A prolific writer and highly sought-after motivational speaker, he has authored over a dozen books on topics ranging from overcoming fear to capturing the triumph of the human spirit.

He delivers hisdynamic empowerment presentations around the globe, including his most requested keynote address, “Destined for Greatness,” which you can view above.

Understand the nature,
Of those who count you out;
Their minds are pessimistic,
Their souls are filled with doubt.

The mindset of a champion,
Is based on total trust;
For every champion understands,
That when you can’t, you must.

– A section from Beyond Greatness: You Can Surpass Yourself

Robert Lawson

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  • How To Get Motivated To Win
  • Maximizing Your Potential For Greatness
  • Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
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